Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fazioli's International Dealer Meeting 2012

SACILE, ITALY - On November 4 and 5, dealers for Fazioli pianos around the world were invited to the Fazioli factory in Italy to be present at a dealer meeting and factory tour.

The meeting included the unveiling of a brand new art case design called "New Edge" and created by designer Edoardo Pitton, and a performance by the very talented Italian pianist Alessandro Taverna.

The dealers take a great pride in having the privilege of knowing Mr. Fazioli and representing his incredible pianos.  Most feel like they are part of something truly amazing and treasure each moment they can spend with Mr. Fazioli, listening to his ideas and creations.

Although not having a presence here for many years, the Canadian market has become important to Fazioli.  In 2010 there were 16 units sold in Canada, putting the country in 2nd place in the world.  In 2011 there were 18 units sold in Canada, making it the highest number of units sold out of any country in the world during the entire year.

Germany - where the first dealership for Fazioli pianos was set up back in 1981 - is the country where more than 300 Fazioli's have found their home, and it continues to be the strongest market overall for Fazioli pianos in the world.  Austria has the most Fazioli pianos per capita, and China and Japan are both experiencing a huge increase in orders.

Rolls-Royce's "A Night With The Siprit of Ecstasy"

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 1st of November, Fazioli owners were invited to experience the magic carpet ride and an exclusive presentation by Alyssa Bartashy, the Senior Product Specialist of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Talented musician Austin Nash Park entertained the guests on a beautiful concert grand Fazioli piano.  Photos by Roger Ting.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AirSprint's New Cessna CJ2+ visits Boundary Bay with FAZIOLI and Lamborghini

DELTA, BC - Fazioli buyers joined Lamborghini enthusiasts at the new “CZBB” terminal in Delta to see the new Cessna CJ2+, and were able to check out some cool lux items from Palladio Jewellers, and enjoyed live jazz by the Max Zipursky trio on a beautiful FAZIOLI.

A Concert with 40 Fingers on 4 Pianos!

RICHMOND, BC - The jury of the upcoming NorthWest International Piano Ensemble Competition will come to Showcase Pianos + Academy in Aberdeen Centre to perform great favourites such as Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, Vivaldi Concerto, Bergmann Four for Boogie and more!

Performers include Tomislav Baynov from Germany, Jeroen Van Veen from Netherlands, and local Canadian Duo Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann!

Thursday November 15, 7:30pm
Showcase Pianos | FAZIOLI
Aberdeen Centre
#3480 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC V6X 4J7

Tickets: Adults $20, Students $10
For tickets please call: (604) 270-8861
Limited seating so book early 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colton's Private Couture: Vancouver's finest shopping experience

RICHMOND, BC – Colton Couture is a high-end clothing retailer that was created for customers that want to enjoy the finest service, combined with the world’s finest brands at unbeatable prices.  As a division of online retail giant, they are able to share their buying power with their new private retail location in Richmond: Colton Couture.

In conjunction with Taste of Life (PinWei) Magazine and Showcase Pianos | FAZIOLI, they put on a private fashion show on Thursday the 18th of October to showcase some of their new products and millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds.

Proprietor Howard Colton announced to the guests that “Colton’s Couture associates itself with only the finest brand names in the world, like the Fazioli piano.”   Showcase Pianos provided a rare white Fazioli for the evening, and guests enjoyed background music played by talented local artist Austin Nash Park as well as a couple of songs by soprano Mariana Valdes.

Visit Colton Couture on the web: 

Hong Kong Superstar Anthony Lun performs on Fazioli for Chi Heng Foundation

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 18th of October Hong Kong Superstar Anthony Lun came to Vancouver to support the Chi Heng Foundation’s annual fundraiser by playing on a beautiful white Fazioli F183 that was handmade in Italy.

ANTHONY LUN: In the world of rising stars, few have achieved originality and a defined technique as Anthony Lun. After graduating from the University of Michigan as a classical pianist, Anthony started his singing career in the United States, performing at various exclusive places and at the same time, working as a producer in many recording studios.

From 1986 to 1989, Anthony Lun's main target is song arrangement, producer and musical director. He mixed the western music essential with Cantonese pop music. He composed over 300 songs with 42 No.1 hits from 1986 to 1997 and he also released about 20 albums.

Besides the awards mentioned, Anthony Lun was the Best Male Vocalist of the year of Commercial Radio in 1991. During 1992, the song "I Said I Want You To Be Happy" was the Most Performed Song of the year of Television & Radio Hong Kong. " I Said I Want You To Be Happy" and "Why Did I Let You Go?" were the Best Songs of The Year of various multi media. Besides that, Anthony Lun also won the Most Outstanding Youth of Hong Kong Award in 1993, Cartier Achievement Award in 1995 and Composer Achievement of Commercial Radio HK in 1998.

CHI HENG FOUNDATION: Founded in 1998, the Chi Heng Foundation is a charity registered and based in Hong Kong with offices in Henan, Anhui, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  It is a non-government organization whose programs are funded by private donors, business, and partner NGOs.

CHF primarily focuses on paying for the children’s education and living expenses, making sure all funds are delivered directly to schools and programs by our staff. CHF does not operate orphanages or foster homes. Instead, local relatives often take in the children, allowing them to continue to grow up in their native villages. To further decrease their sense of social stigma and isolation, CHF places the children in schools that purposefully integrate the orphans with children not affected by HIV/AIDS. These efforts aim to give orphans a stronger sense of community and belonging.

FAZIOLI:  Founded in 1979 by pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli, the ultra-fine pianos are now considered to be the pinnacle of what is being produced in the world of pianos today.  Showcase Pianos is the exclusive dealer for Fazioli pianos in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Photos by Roger Ting