Friday, February 15, 2013

"Cinema Paradiso" featuring Roy & Rosemary

VANCOUVER, BC - Local music duo Roy & Rosemary features the keyboard talent of Roy Tan and the violin virtuosity of Rosemary Siemens.  Rosemary is a violinist that has performed all over the world, including three different performances at Carnegie Hall, as well as the Vatican, and at the home of Donald Trump.

After doing a photo shoot on a white Fazioli in a 7,000 sq ft penthouse downtown Vancouver, they perform on the $225,000 custom made Fazioli piano in the lobby of the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel together with the Stradivari Ensemble.  Local videographers Motion Tide prepared this excellent video featuring Roy & Rosemary performing "Cinema Paradiso" with the Stradivari Ensemble.

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