Monday, December 22, 2014

Most Expensive Rolls-Royce to ever come to Canada

VANCOUVER, BC - On Thursday the 18th of December, Rolls-Royce of Vancouver unveiled the Pinnacle Travel Phantom, one of only 2 in North America, and only 15 in the world.

The beautiful automobile took more than 900 man hours to build and features many hand-cut and laser cut wood designs in the interior.  

The hood ornament is plated in gold, and there's a gold line along the length of the car, so it was fitting that the world's only 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli piano be brought for this exclusive event.

The incredible "Roy & Rosemary" duo was brought out to perform the music for the appreciative guests.   Open Road Auto Group owner Christian Chia announced to guests that Roy & Rosemary were hand picked for this occasion because their initials match perfectly to Rolls Royce.

Showcase Pianos is BC's exclusive agent for Fazioli pianos: 


Unknown said...

He bought a 24k Gold Leaf Fazioli piano just for this exclusive event? That is crazy and I do not think that I would be able to do something like that ever in my life. That is a lot of money for a Fazioli piano, even if it is a 24k Gold Leaf one. There was already the most expensive Rolls-Royce to ever be in Canada there. That is a lot of money sitting in one room.

m + j said...

We "brought" the Gold Piano for this event, not "bought" it for the event!