Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Showcase Academy Masterclass Series 2012

RICHMOND, BC - Showcase Academy is pleased to announce the following upcoming dates as part of the 2012 Masterclass Series.  All classes are open to the public, and the cost of admission is $12 per person.  Please click on the names to read their biography:

     July 7 - Dr. Lucas Wong
     July 8 - Dr. Sasha Starcevich 
     Aug 12 - Dr. Corey Hamm

Four students are arranged for each 2 hour masterclass, each student gets half an hour for the price $130 - and this includes 2 audience seats for family members.

Please call Showcase Academy at (604) 270-8861 to reserve a spot as a student or as a member of the audience.

Dates will soon be announced for other Masterclasses coming soon including: Linda Lee Thomas, Dr. Robert Silverman, Dr. Libby Yu, Dr. DerekChiu, The Bergmann Duo, Winfried Rompf, and Dr. Eugene Skodorodinkov.

Please visit the Academy website:

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