Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Showcase Pianos Expands Again!

VANCOUVER, BC - After 9 months of cooking, a baby girl was born to Showcase Pianos owners Judy and Manuel Bernaschek.  The baby, named 'Aria', weighed 8.73 pounds.

The Bernascheks opted to have the birth at home, employing the services of Pacific Midwifery.  Labour started at around 11pm, and two midwives were present along with a student and an 'Acumama' that provided relief from pain through massages throughout the process.  Baby Aria was born at 3:37am on Friday in the middle of March.

More baby pictures can be seen by adding Manuel Bernaschek on Facebook!


1 comment:

m David Eaman said...

Congratulations to you all !!!!
I'm sure that Aria will be a wonderful musician with excellent taste, with or without pepper!!!

David Eaman